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  • At ClickBigDeals.com you can get a 5 pk of Max Car washes at Corner Pantry for $25.  It is a $50 value.


    At BlackHillsBestDeals.com you can get over 1/2 hour of massage at Body maintenance massage therapy for $24.75.  It is a $55 value


    At Hop on It you can get BOGO tickets to watch Travis Tritt and the Charlie Daniels band at the Deadwood Mountain Grand Stage on Aug 3rd at 8PM.   Use the code RCJ at checkout.


    At Dealhopper you can still get 2 prime rib dinners at Cheers lounge for $11.  A $22 value.  Or you can rent 2 Harley Davidson motorcycles for a day for $150.  A $300 value.

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  • Click Big Deals has a new daily deal for flowers at Victorias  Garden.  You can get a $30 coupon for $12.


    This is the last day to get the $105 Facial with Martina Gronemann for $52.50 at Black Hills Best Deals


    Dealhopper still has their deals for Dakota’s Best Wine, tickets to the Black Hills Classic Roughstock Rodeo, and Rent 2 Harley Davidson motorcycles for half price.


    The deal for Piesano’s Pacchia at Hop on it went active at midnight.  I checked at 12:30 last night and they had already sold 6 and now at 9AM they’ve sold almost 80.  Looks like a very popular deal so you better hurry before they sell out.  You get (2) $10 gift cards for $10.



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  • If wine is your thing, you may be interested in the daily deals that are going on at DealHopper and at Click Big Deals.

    Dealhopper has a deal for Dakota’s Best located inside the Radisson.  You get $60 worth of regularly priced wine for $30.  Their wine is all made in South Dakota


    Click Big Deals has a $50 coupon that works for wine, apparel and accessories at the Naked Winery in Hill City and you only pay $25


    Today’s deal for Hop on It is a 6 month e-subscription to the Rapid City Journal.  This is a $45 value and you can get it for $10.   An e-subscription means that it is online only.  You will not receive the paper version with the coupons.  If you are all about going green,  (or if you don’t like having a stack of newspapers to dispose of) this is a great way to do so and still get all your news.


    Dealpulp’s daily deal for today looks so yummy I just had to add it.  You can get $30 worth of handmade gourmet brownies, biscotti, cookies, and cakes, made with farm-fresh ingredients from Ruths-Brownies for only $14.  The voucher will not work to pay for the shipping.  You can find today’s daily deal under the Daily Harvest tab.


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  • On Click Big Deals you can get a 5 qt oil change for only $15 from Tire Tech in Rapid City.  The regular price is $32.50.


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  • Click Big Deals has a new photography deal for Lasting Memories Studio.  You get a coupon worth $250 good towards products and service and you pay only $99

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  • There are 2 daily deals going on for Pancheros right now.

    Hop on It has 2 $10 gift cards for the price of 1.  They have sold quite a few so if you want this deal you better hurry.


    Click Big Deals has a $12 coupon for $6

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  • Today’s deal on Click Big Deals is for Flags n’ Wheels.  You can get $25 worth of fun for $12.  It doesn’t count towards concessions or video games.


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  • There is a new deal at Click Big Deals for Victoria’s Garden.  Get $30 towards a floral bouquet for only $15.

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  • The new deal at Click Big Deals is $25 worth of food at Sports Rock for only $12.


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  • There is a new deal at ClickBigDeals.com Get 10 Ultimate Car Washes for $40 at Super Clean Tunnel Car Wash on Campbell St. in Rapid City.  10 car washes would normally run you $110.




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