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  • For a limited time you can get the e-book Late Rain by Lynn Kostoff for FREE


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  • For a limited time you can get the e-book All through the Night by Davis Bunn for FREE


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  • Today only you can download the new Lady Gaga Album “Born this Way”  for only 99 cents on Amazon.  Not bad considering it usually costs 99 cents per song.

    **Note- I was reading some of the reviews that said they only got 2 songs but others that said that they got all the songs but it took a really long time to load them all so the ones that only got 2 probably just didn’t wait long enough.

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  • If you are in the Market for a Wii (I love mine for the exercise games and for streaming Netflix)  Amazon has a good price on the black or the white and it comes with Wii Sport and Wii Sports Resort games.  The price is $199 plus FREE shipping which is a pretty average price for the Wii but there is also a promotion where you get a $50 credit with this purchase which is kinda like buying it for $149.  That $50 credit would come in pretty handy for buying some more games.  The cheapest advertised price I’ve seen locally is $179 at KMart a couple weeks ago.

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  • Amazon currently has 12 packs of Earths Best Organic Babyfood (First Fruit Starter kit 2.5 oz jars) for $7.49.  When you subscribe and save (which you can cancel as soon as they ship) you get 15% off and FREE shipping.  Enter the code EBMARCH4 at checkout and get an extra 5% off.   Your final total should be $6.

    Amazon’s regular price is $11.52 + $7.50 S&H

    Thank You Smart Couponing

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  • Frugal Girls has found some great ways to score some REALLY cheap diapers from Amazon.  Check out the Frugal Girls Blog to find out how.

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  • Amazon has a 4 for 3 deal with their Home and Garden and Books categories.  If you buy 3 qualifying items (over 100,000 to choose from) you get the 4th (lowest priced) item FREE.

    Thank You Frugal Freebies

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  • Another Great Grocery deal at Amazon

    Amazon has 4 Boxes of Raisin Bran Crunch for $8.58 PLUS you can get a 15% discount and FREE shipping if you sign up for the ‘subscribe and save’ which you can cancel after it ships (otherwise you will get 4 more boxes every month but not at this price) AND you get a 10% discount if you enter the code KELRTEC2 at checkout.  That gives you an out of pocket price of $6.43 or $1.60 per box.

    Thank  You Hip2Save

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  • Is there anything you can’t get on Amazon?  To think it used to just be books. 

    Right now you can get a lot of Poptarts for a great price. 

    The Brown sugar cinnamon Poptarts start at $24.55 for 8 boxes of 16 but if you sign up for Subscribe and Save you get 15% off and FREE shipping (you can cancel the subscription as soon as it ships, if you don’t you will get this again next month but not at this price) so that is -$3.68 AND if you enter the code POPTART2 at checkout you will get an additional 10% off which is -$2.09 so you pay $18.78. 

     If you figure that the 8 count boxes in the store are usually over $2 a box, it would be like getting them for $1.17. 

    There are other varieties and packages sizes available for this sale, this is just an example. 

    I looked at Walmart.com and you can get a 5 pack of 16 count boxes of Pop Tarts for $17.50 plus 97 cent shipping which is pretty much 3 boxes (48 poptarts) less for pretty much the same price.

      So if you have a use for 128 poptarts, you might want to try this out.  Other sizes are on sale too even whole grain but the 16 count boxes are the best value.

    Thank You Penny Pinchin’ Mom

    GO Here to search for other similar great grocery deals on Amazon

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  • Amazon has a bunch of games you can download for FREE to your Kindle.

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