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  • There are Pampers coupons at Coupons.com right now.  Its only for a limited time and it doesn’t happen often that Pampers offers printable coupons.

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  • Black hills best deals has a new deal for Planet Hair.   You can get a $46 salon package with Angie P. for only $23.


    Click Big Deals has a $235 youth tennis package at The Tennis Center for only $89.



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  • Rafflecopter is a great site if you are having a giveaway.  You can set up different ways people can earn entries and they pick the winner at random so you can’t be accused of rigging the drawing.  I started using it for my Scentsy doorprizes.  Right now Rafflecopter is having a giveaway for an Apple iPod2 and the person that refers the winner gets a Kindle Fire.  Be sure to enter and let them know I sent you.
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  • If you go to the Denny’s website and scroll down to where you see the fireplace.  You can click on it and get a coupon for Denny’s.  It says you get FREE pancake puppies but when I clicked on it I got a coupon for a FREE $2 stack of pancakes with entree purchase good until Jan 16th.  If you try it, let me know what coupon you get.

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  • There is a new Pampers Gifts to Grow Code worth 10 points good until 1/6/12

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  • It sounds like it might be a good week to get the Sunday paper.  The P&G insert will be in it.  The others usually have quite a few good coupons when they’ve skipped a week.  I’ll try to get a list up on Sunday in case you are waiting to see what is in it before you buy.

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  • I just got a message from Dealhopper and thought it might be a good idea to share the news with everyone in case you missed the e-mail.  Dealhopper will be closing on January 31st.  You will still be able to use the vouchers you have purchased up until the expiration dates on the vouchers but you will no longer be able to print vouchers in your account after January 31st.  Be sure to print off all vouchers in your account before this date and be sure not to lose them.

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  • I’m getting ready to send out some more envelopes of coupons.  If you are interested in joining my coupon train let me know.  E-mail me at bhbargains@hotmail.com  I send out envelopes with about 50 coupons each and a list of addresses to different recipients.  They can go through the envelope with their friends and family and pick out the coupons they think they’ll use.  If they have any coupons they don’t plan to use they can add them to the envelope.  They then cross their name off the list and pick someone from the list to send the envelope to.  You are not required to add any coupons to the envelope.  Coupons are like free money and I hate to see them go to waste when there might be someone out there that could use them.  For instance I have no use for diaper coupons but they still send them to me and I know there are many new moms out there that could use all the help they can get.

    If any of the coupons in the envelope end up expiring I encourage you to send them to one of the programs that mail expired coupons to military that are stationed overseas.  They are still able to use coupons up to 6 months past the expiration date.  There are a couple programs I have used in the past.  Here are the addresses:

    Celeste Claggett

    PO Box 720336

    Norman, OK 73070




    KCL Overseas Coupon Program
    Amanda Brumbaugh
    10960 W Bridgetower Dr
    Boise, ID 83709


    Coupons need to be divided into food and non-food.  Manufacturer coupons only (not store or restaurant).

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  • The Coupon Snob has a post about a Price Book page you can print.  These pages can help you keep track of sale cycles of the products you regularly buy so you know when to stock up and how much you need to get you by until the next sale.  I’ve tried starting my own records on the computer but I haven’t been keeping up with it very well.  I’m thinking that if I actually have the pages printed out and in a binder, I might remember to work on it.  Do you have something similar that you keep track of sale prices with?

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  • I just signed up with a new rewards site.  It is called Gift Hulk. So far its been pretty fun and the points are adding up fairly quickly.  It only costs 169 coins to earn a $5 Amazon gift card.  You start out with 50.  There are many different things you can do to earn coins such as offers, surveys, get codes from their facebook page daily, watch videos, do a daily poll, enter their contests, and if your friends sign up through your referral link you get 20% of the coins they earn with no limit.


    To see my list of Rewards Sites Go Here

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