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  • Clearance Shopping

    I was shopping at the Rapid City West Side Safeway today and of course I always check out the clearance sections.  As usual I found some great deals on things I could use.  One of the things I spotted were some Wasa Flax Seed crackers.  I had never tried them before but there is another brand of flax seed crackers I really like so I thought they’d be worth a try at half price so I grabbed a package of them.  I was only there to get a few things.  Noosa yogurt (my favorite indulgence) had popped up on my personal Just 4 U deals, there was a deal for some FREE cookies on my Just 4 U, Pop Tarts were $1.49  with a store coupon plus I had a manufacturer coupon for $1/3, and 4pks of Angel Soft toilet paper were $.99 and I had a coupon that doubled to $.90 so I only paid ten cents.  Somehow with those few things on my list I ended up with a cart load.  Never Shop While You Are Hungry!  At checkout a catalina coupon printed for Wasa crackers.  I could get $1.50 off 2.  I couldn’t help but go back to the clearance and get 2 more.  That time a coupon printed for $2 off 3 of them.  So I went back again and got 3 and another $2 off 3 coupon printed.  I went back and got 3 more.  Another coupon for $2 off 3 printed again but there were only 2 packages left so I left them for someone else.  I figured 9 packages (and 4 trips through the checkout) was pretty good for something I hadn’t yet tried although others had told me how good they were.  The original price per package was $3.39.  They were on sale for $2.50.  The 50% off stickers made them $1.25 each.  I used $5.50 worth of catalina coupons.  I ended up paying $5.75 plus tax for 9 packages which comes to about $.64 each.  I tried some when I got home and everyone loved them plus I gave a package to a good friend that really loves them so I’m glad I went back.  My question to you is, would you or have you ever done something similar?  This was a little out of character for me.  I don’t typically clear shelves because of a good deal.  I only have so much room to store things but my husband has been wanting something to snack on at work so I’m pretty sure these won’t be around long.


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