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  • Cheerios at Safeway

    In the cereal aisle at Safeway there are some BIG double packs of cereal.  One of them is for plain Cheerios.  They are $5.99 a package.  Each box is 18 oz so you are getting 36 oz total.  That is almost 17 cents/oz.  Not a wonderfully great price BUT on the back of each box are 5 coupons.  Each coupon is for $1/1 box of any size of almost any variety of Cheerios.  The coupons expire March 2015.  There is a good chance that Safeway will have a Cheerios sale on $5 Friday sometime before then.  The $5 Friday sale on cereal is usually 3/$5 so with those coupons you could get 10 boxes of Cheerios for about 67 cents each.   So by spending $6 now, you can save $10 later.



    Published on May 13, 2014 · Filed under: Local Sales;
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