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  • Lesson of the Day

    Today’s lesson is:  Don’t drink a coffee drink after dark when you have to get up at 5:30AM

    I’m going to start my story by saying that both of my kids are now in school which has prompted me to get an out-of-the-home job during school hours.  This leaves me rushing home to be home when the kids get there so I have been letting my husband do all the shopping.  I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I finally got to go shopping yesterday.

    Our first big stop was Safeway.  I couldn’t pass up strawberries for $1.88 per lb or Oreos for $1.99.  I also had a couple coupons from the paper for $1/2 Nabisco products.  That sale ends today.  Sorry for the late notice.  While there I decided to use the coupons for FREE yogurt I got in the mail because my husband called the company to make a comment about some yogurt he got that was bad before the expiration date.  I’ve had to do that a couple other times with some soup and with some toilet bowl cleaner with a messed up cap that sprayed everywhere and those companies sent me a bunch of really good coupons as well.  There were also a few FREE items loaded on my Just 4 U personalized deals on my Safeway card I wanted to get.  In the end I saved 43%.  Not my best but I was shopping with the kids and they tend to make the trip more expensive.  Especially since I forgot to bring snacks and drinks.  We were all pretty thirsty by the time we were done there so I let them pick something out and I thought “I haven’t had a Frappuccino in a really long time”  It was that epiphany that brings you the sleep deprived rambling you are seeing today.  It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if I had finished it right away but instead I nursed it during the whole rest of the outing finishing it just as I drove up to the house at 8 PM.

    Our next stop was Office Max to use my Max Perks rewards that were expiring soon and to bring in some printer ink cartridges to recycle.

    After that we went to Target.  There is a coupon in their ad for $20 off a $50 of select items.  These are items like toilet paper, facial tissue, and cleaning products.  We were in pretty desperate need of facial tissue after the last cold that came through our house.  Some of the qualifying items were store brand and others I had manufacturer and/or Target coupons for so that added to the savings.  The 4 pks of Kleenex that qualified for the deal had peelie coupons on them AND I had a Target coupon I printed from their website.  There were some other deals I decided to take advantage of such as a FREE Lysol product if you buy 2 Finish products.  There was a deal for a FREE Downy Unstoppable if you bought 2 Tide or Gain Flings and I had coupons for all 3.  I also used a coupon for $5/3 Pantene products and got a $5 Target gift card for buying 3.  While there I remembered one of the main reasons I went to Office Max.  I wanted to get some new letters for my computer keyboard.  Most of mine have worn off.  It doesn’t bother me much but everyone else that uses the computer in my house has a terrible time.  Of course Target didn’t have anything like that so I guess it goes on my husband’s list.  I am now kicking myself for not getting the Nutella for $2.99.  One thing I learned about when preparing for my shopping trip was that Target has an app for your smart phone called Cartwheel where you can load a certain number of deals onto your account and you get discounts when they scan your account’s barcode at the register.  I don’t have a smart phone but you can sign up for it on your computer and print the barcode if you want.  It turned out I had several friends signed up for it which entitled me to extra deals.  I think it said you get to choose 3 deals for each friend you have that has a Cartwheel account.  I’m not sure how long this has been available.  I’ve been pretty stocked up and haven’t had to shop at Target for quite some time.  It was pretty nice.  My husband ran us out of baking powder over the weekend and I had to borrow some from the neighbor so when I saw that as an option on Cartwheel I had to add it of course.  I also saw that the Market Pantry Fruit Snacks were on sale and they were available on Carthweel so I added them too.  I’ve gotten better deals on fruit snacks at Safeway but we were running low and they are one of the less messy snacks for the car I’ve found.  In the end I didn’t save as much as I did at Safeway but I still felt like I got a good value for what I bought.  They don’t give you a percent of savings but it wouldn’t have been as good anyhow since we had to get some non-sale items.

    I’m not sure if you got any useful information out of this post but I thought I’d give you a little insight into what I’ve been up to lately and let you know I’m still here and you and bargain hunting are still on my mind.

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