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  • Consumer Warning for Pennington County

    This was posted on Facebook by the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office and I thought I’d share

    “Consumer Alert: Door to Door Magazine sales The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office would like to alert the public about a group of people going door-to-door selling magazines. The salespeople are selling magazines for Encore, Inc., based out of Kittridge, Colorado.

    The Sheriff’s Office has received numerous complaints from individuals in Rapid City, New Underwood and Box Elder. They reported the salespeople were very aggressive; often entering businesses and residences without permission and refusing to leave when requested.

    If representatives from this group appear at your door, the Sheriff’s Office is urging the public not to let them inside. Do not give out any personal information about yourself or your family.

    Protect yourself and your neighbors by contacting the Sheriff’s Office at (605) 394-2151 to report any suspicious activity.”

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