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  • Sams Club Open House

    Sam’s Club is having an Open House Weekend good now through April 28th.  Non-members will be able to get in for Free and purchase items in the store.  I like to shop at Sam’s club when they have open houses.   What can I say?   I really enjoy all the free samples.  The main thing is to know how much you would normally pay for something you are considering.  In many cases you can get it cheaper at a regular store by couponing but not always.  If you are buying in bulk, of course you don’t want to buy more than you can use before it goes bad.  It isn’t a savings if some of it is wasted.  Last time I went with my mom and sister-in-law they had some delicious mangos (they let us sample them).  We all wanted some but knew we couldn’t eat all of them if we each got a case so we decided to split a case 3 ways.  As fast as my kids ate them, I probably could have bought a whole case.


    Are any of you Sam’s Club shoppers?  What are some of your favorite things to get there?

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