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  • Whoops! Should we have waited?

    This year during our after Christmas shopping, the hubby and I decided it was time to replace our toilets.  We had a terrible time with them leaking or running through even after replacing the flush mechanisms.

    As luck would have it there were toilets that were just what we were looking for on sale at Menards for what we thought was a really good price.  We bought them and got them installed right away.

    Fast forward a few weeks.  I’m looking through the latest Menards ad and there are the same toilets on sale again except this time there is also a $20 rebate.

    My first reaction was to think that I wish we’d waited.  I was also thinking that if we hadn’t installed them, we could take them back and then buy them again.  I knew that Menards is always talking about getting you the lowest prices so I figured it would be worth a try to take the receipt back in and have them return the product and resell it so we could get the rebate even though we didn’t have the product physically there.  We are talking $40 total here after all.

    PROBLEM…  Couldn’t find the receipt.  In the past my husband has had to reprint receipts that he’s lost so I could send in the rebates but they had always been on our Menards card and this purchase wasn’t.  Luckily I did remember which card it was on and the exact date.

    Yes I know. Dave Ramsey would be shaking his head at me if he knew I was using credit cards.  I know that I tend to spend more because a credit card makes it convenient and doesn’t hurt as much at the time as using cash does.  It just hurts when you have to pay the bill.  I really don’t have a good excuse except that I like the cash back bonus I get.

    It turns out that we were able to reprint our receipt and have them resell us our toilets so we could get our rebate.


    I guess the moral of my story is that if you see a sale after you bought something that is a big enough difference to make you upset, it is worth it to find out if they will give you back the difference.  Learn the store’s policies, call their customer service, something.  Many people in my position wouldn’t have bothered especially after finding out the receipt was lost but since I decided it was worth a try I will soon have $40 to spend on our next project that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t.


    On a slightly related note.  If you buy produce at the store that has no flavor you should let the store manager know.  There is no reason to eat or throw away fruit that is no good.  My husband happened to mention at the store that the last bag of oranges he got had no flavor and the store manager gave him a new bag and let him try them before he left to make sure the new bag was good even though we had tried eating half of the tasteless bag hoping to find a couple that were OK.  I don’t recommend making a special trip because you’d probably waste more in gas than you would save and there is no guarantee that they will refund you for half eaten fruit but its one of those things that are worth a try if you are going to be there anyhow.

    Do you have any similar good customer service stories?


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