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  • Recycle ink cartridges

    What do you do with your ink cartridges when they are empty?  I knew that there are various groups that collect them for fundraising purposes.  I was saving mine waiting for a chance to donate them to one of these causes but I’d always forget.  I finally decided to take them in to Office Max because I knew they would give me a credit on my Max Perks card.  I wasn’t expecting much so I was surprised when they told me they gave $3 per cartridge.  I know.  That still isn’t much compared to how much I bought them for but it was still more than I expected and definitely better than throwing them away.  It would be nice if it was instant credit so you could use it that day while you are already there but I won’t complain too much.  I’ve heard that Office Depot and Walgreens also accept used ink cartridges.  I’d like to hear what the other stores offer for comparison if any of you happen to know.   I used to buy the refilled cartridges from a store that specializes in selling them because it was so much cheaper than buying brand new but I had a bad experience and ruined a printer.  I’m not sure how the factory refurbished ones compare but I don’t care to risk it.


    Update:  I was looking at the program online and I see that your recycling credit will be “pending” until you spend that amount in qualifying purchases and is limited at $60 per month.  So you can’t really just do the recycling thing and only buy things there with the credit you receive.

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    Published on October 18, 2011 · Filed under: Repurposing;
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