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  • Spaghetti Sauce for canning

    I’ve had a request for a canning recipe for Spaghetti Sauce so I thought I’d share the one I usually use with everyone.  Last year I had the usual canning burnout and decided that I was just going to can plain tomatoes this year and get those seasoning packets you find near the taco seasoning mix when I want spaghetti sauce.  But I do really like this recipe.


    Spaghetti Sauce 


    10 lbs tomatoes

    3 onions finely, chopped

    4 cloves garlic, minced

    3 TB olive oil

    1 TB Basil

    1 TB Oregano

    1 TB Italian Seasoning

    1 TB salt

    1 tsp crushed red pepper

    1 tsp black pepper

    1 tsp sugar

    bottled lemon juice or citric acid



    Scald tomatoes then skin, quarter and seed.  Let drain in colander while you saute onions in the olive oil until tender.  Combine Tomato, onions, and seasonings in a large pot.  Simmer for 2 hours stirring occasionally. (I tend to leave my heat too high and not stir enough and it scalds)  Recipe says to press through a sieve then cook pulp on medium/high stirring constantly until it thickens.  I usually just let it cool a bit then run it through a blender and call it good.  Pour into jars with 1/4 tsp citric acid or 1 TB lemon juice PER PINT JAR leaving a 1/4″ headspace.  Process in a water bath for 35 minutes.

    I had both red and yellow tomatoes one year and used both for one batch.  Tasted good but did not look all that appealing.




    Published on September 7, 2011 · Filed under: Recipes;
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