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  • All You magazine 10/21/11

    This is a list of the coupons you will find in the All You magazine on October 21st.

    Bauch & Lomb Soothe lubricant eye drops $4/1 exp 12.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Fun size candy bars $1.50/2 exp 10.31.11 (All You 10/11)-snickers, twix, milky way and 3 musketeers

    Quaker instant oatmeal chocolate chip or honey bun $1/1 exp 11.30.11 (All You 10/11)

    Ban $1/1 exp 11.30.11 (All You 10/11)

    NYC New York color eye product or nail color get any NYC product FREE (up to $4.47) exp 10.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Eucerin hand or body product 2-16.9 oz $1/1 exp 11.30.11 (All You 10/11)

    GE energy smart or GE halogen lighting product $1/1 exp 1.31.12 (All You 10/11)

    KY brand product $2/1 exp 12.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Michelinas lean gourmet $1/2 exp 12.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Zantac 24 ct $1.75/1 exp 1.21.12 (All You 10/11)

    Phillips colon health $1.50/1 exp 12.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    La Creme real dairy creamer BOGO exp 10.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Dole frozen fruit single serve cups multipack $.75/1 exp 12.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Idahoan boxed potatoes FREE exp 12.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Sister Schuberts product $.50/1 exp 12.23.11 (All You 10/11)

    Mrs. T’s Pierogies $1/2 exp 12.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Brita pitcher or faucet mount system $4/1 exp 12.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Michael Angelo’s entree 20 oz+ $1/1 exp 12.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Michael Angelo’s entree 8-16 oz $.50/1 exp 12.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Colgate optic white toothpaste $1/1 exp 11.30.11 (All You 10/11)

    Nestle fun size bags 9 oz+ $1/2 exp 10.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Dole fruit smoothie shakers $.75/1 exp 12.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Olivari mediterranean olive oil $1/1 exp 11.30.11 (All You 10/11)

    Ajax multi purpose cleaner, spray, or 34 oz dish liquid $.50/1 exp 12.22.11  (All You 10/11)

    Febreze laundry odor eliminator 1.5 L $1/1 exp 6.30.12 (All You 10/11)

    Barber foods stuffed chicken breast $1/1 exp 11.3.11 (All You 10/11)

    Eight O’ Clock coffee bag $.75/1 exp 11.30.11 (All You 10/11)

    Smithfield Quarter boneless spiral sliced ham, quarter boneless sliced ham or ham steak $1/1 exp 11.18.11 (All You 10/11)

    Rosetto frozen pasta $1/2 exp 12.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    I can’t believe its not butter buy (2) original 15 oz, or whipped & creamy 11 oz and get FREE Walmart bakery item (up to $1.50) exp 10.23.11 (All You 10/11)

    All You smart shopping guide $1/1 exp 11.11.11 (All You 10/11)

    Fast Fixin’ product 20 oz+ or fast fixin’ on the go $1/1 exp 12.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Fast classic bag $1.25/1 exp 12.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Mineral Ice $1/1 exp 11.30.11 (All You 10/11)

    Keri product $2/1 exp 11.30.11 (All You 10/11)

    L’il critters 190 ct gummy vites $1/1 exp 12.31.11 (All You 10/11)

    Lyosol disinfecting wipes $1/1 exp 1.31.12 (All You 10/11)


    All You magazine can be found only at Walmart or through subscription.  The benefits to subscribing are that you get an extra month to use the coupons before they expire.  Be aware that it takes quite a while from the time you sign up for a subscription before you get your first issue.  Right now you can get 24 issues of All You for $34 at magazines.com and if you buy it through ebates you get a 26% rebate so that is like paying $1.05 per issue.  To buy through ebates you will need to set up an account then you click on the books and magazines category.  Look for Magazines.com because they have the best deal right now that I could find.  Then you click on shop now and it will take you to that site and anything you purchase will be recorded on your ebates account.  They send out your rebate money 4 times a year.  There is a $5 minimum.  You can choose to get a check in the mail, get paid through paypal, or have it sent to a charity or family member.  I did some Christmas shopping through ebates last year since its hard to Christmas shop for kids when you can’t leave the house without them.  I got a check from ebates in February.  So I highly recommend them.

    Or if you want to help out my son’s school, he’s selling magazine subscriptions where you’d get 8 months of All You for $15.  Not the best deal but its helping his school buy books.  He has to have it turned in by Sept 30th. so e-mail me at bhbargains@hotmail.com if you are interested.


    Flipping through the articles in the magazine this month, one of my favorite tips for Halloween candy is to keep it in the freezer.  Keeps it out of sight and makes it hard to eat.  I’m also thinking I want to try the candycorn fudge recipe on page 101.

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