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  • Free samples

    There are some new free samples you can request and a few that some of you may have missed before.  Some are a one time thing and some reset every so often so you can request them again.

    Why request free samples?  Because its so much more fun to get them in the mail than bills right?  Plus if I can wash my hair for free once in a while, I don’t have to buy shampoo as often.  More money in my pocket or as some would say “A penny saved is a penny earned”





    Miracle Whip


    Lanacane anti-chafing gel

    Atkins bars




    Poise Hourglass pads

    Playtex Gentle Glide

    Icy Hot Naturals



    None currently



    Nescafe Tasters choice



    Goodnights temporarily out but they do have a $1/1 coupon

    Playtex Sport also on Facebook

    Splenda essentials 

    Zantac 150 maximum strength

    Parent’s choice baby formula

    Purina Pro Plan 3 oz cat food–facebook

    Dove Smoothing Cream

    -When requesting free samples you might want to consider opening an e-mail just for freebie requests and contests you enter so your regular e-mail doesn’t get a bunch of spam.

    -Check your e-mail and spam folder.  Sometimes the offers you sign up for require that you confirm your e-mail address.  The confirmation e-mails often end up in the junk folder and people wonder why they never got their sample.

    -Some people also change their birthday by a day or a year.  There are some free offers out there that are just fishing for info.  I usually try to check to see if the freebies I post have been flagged first but there are some that may slip by.

    -I’ve heard of some people using their pet’s name instead of their own.  Kinda fun getting mail for your cockatiel.  The main thing is that you use your last name so that the mail carrier will deliver it.  Some will only deliver mail for names (or last names) they have on record for your address.

    -Only fill out the required information usually marked with a *.  Unless you really want them to give you a phone call, you might not want to enter your phone number at least not your real number.  It is often required when entering contests because that is how they contact you but if its for a free sample, they just want to try to sell you something.

    -If it is too good to be true, it probably is so research amazing offers first if at all possible before you give them your address.  Companies will sometimes give away full size portions of their product to get you hooked but they are usually very limited.  Free samples are a form of advertising.  They know that people are more likely to buy their product if they’ve tried it first.  But they can’t afford to give away the farm.

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