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  • Uses for Dryer Lint and other repurposing ideas

    I just saw a post on the Purex facebook page about using dryer lint to make paper.  I found another set of instructions that were very similar but they include step by step  pictures.   This paper seems like it would be really neat to use for making cards or scrapbooking but I don’t know if it could be classified as acid free.   One lady posted that she’s been making paper like this for a long time but she mixes flower seeds in it, cuts it into cute shapes, and gives them as gifts. (My son gave Valentine cards like that this year but they were store bought)  Then they just plant the paper.

    Many others posted what they use dryer lint for and I thought some of them were really good ideas that I thought I’d share.

    A majority of them use it as a fire starter.  I was told how to make waterproof fire starters using non styrofoam egg cartons, dryer lint, and my leftover Scentsy wax though you can use any kind of wax.  Some people are concerned about burning lint from synthetic fabrics and making fumes so they use sawdust or pencil shavings instead.  Someone mentioned that they didn’t think synthetics put out much lint so the synthetic content should be minimal in your lint.

    Others said they put their lint out in a basket or onion bag in the spring and the birds use it to build nests or in the fall for the squirrels.  I’ve also heard of doing this with hair after you get a haircut (from the book Sarah Plain and Tall).  Did you know that putting human hair in a sock or other breathable bag and keeping it near your plants will keep the deer away?  We’ve tried it and so far so good.  Now if I could just figure out how to keep the voles from chewing on my new fruit trees.

    A lot of people said they just throw it in the compost.  Did you know that coffee grounds are good for compost? I had never thought about putting it in my compost before.

    One lady said she uses dryer lint as pillow stuffing because its soft and smells good.  I’d think it would be dusty but maybe not.

    Do you have any interesting uses for Dryer lint?

    Published on May 23, 2011 · Filed under: Repurposing;
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