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  • Reusing Crayons

    OK I’ll admit it.  I am a crayon snob.  I do not like using crayons that are dull or broken.  I’ve heard of people melting them down and making new crayons out of them.  I decided to give it a try.  Here is how it went.

    Things you need:

    • Silicone candy molds or muffin tins
    • Cookie sheet (if using silicone mold)
    • cooking spray (if using muffin tin)
    • cutting board and knife
    • crayon chunks with wrappers removed

    This is the mold I used.  It is a silicone candy mold that says it can be heated up to over 400 degrees.  I got it at Hobby Lobby over a year ago.  I’ve seen that Avon has had some really cute ones too.  I put the mold on a cookie sheet since its so floppy.  I liked the idea of using these better than the muffin tins because they seem much easier to get out and of course because cute shapes are always more fun.

    I preheated the oven to 150 degrees but I ended up turning the heat up to 250 towards the end but the ones in the middle didn’t get as melted so maybe 200 would have been better.

    I started b y breaking the crayons by hand and putting big chunks in the mold but I found it much easier to fit them in the molds when I chopped them a little

    I let the kids pick 2 colors per butterfly.

    Next it was time to go in the oven.  I started with 10 minutes but ended up having to raise the temperature and heat for a total of 20 minutes.

    I told the kids to keep an eye on the crayons and watch for smoke (in case we didn’t get all the paper off)  They took their job very seriously.

    This is what they looked like when I took them out of the oven.  The green and orange one was a little full but the part that ran peeled off easily.  It just took longer to cool.  The ones in the center didn’t melt as much and ended up crumbling apart.  At this point I could have taken a toothpick and swirled them but chose not to.

    I waited until they were pretty solid to pop them out.  Some took longer than others.  They still need to cool a little more before the kids can use them.  I didn’t think about getting a picture of them in use.  Maybe  I’ll add that later.

    Published on May 15, 2011 · Filed under: Make Your Own, Repurposing; Tagged as: , ,
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