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  • Swiffer giveaways on Facebook starting May 10

    In May Swiffer will be giving away a total of 100,000 Swiffer dusters on their Facebook page.  Starting May 10th they will give away 12,500 dusters twice a week through the end of May.  “Like” them now so you don’t miss out. 

    Don’t have a Facebook page?  You may want to think about getting one just for the freebies.  There are many companies that use Facebook for all their free sample offers.  I personally love it for keeping in touch with friends and family not to mention using it to learn about all these bargains I post.  But if you aren’t interested in social networking, you can still use it to request FREE samples and giveaways.  You might also want to “like”  Black Hills Bargain Hunters while you are at it because there are some Facebook offers that I don’t post on the blog.  Concerned about giving out information?  You don’t have to give out anything you don’t want to.  You can even use a pet’s name if you want.  You do need to link it to an e-mail address.  You may want to get an e-mail address just for Facebook and for the freebie offers that require an e-mail address.  You can get as many Free addresses as you want from sites like gmail or hotmail. 

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