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  • Make your own Compost Bin

    Some people compost because it is good for their garden or flowers.  Others to reduce their garbage output.  Some want to but don’t know how.  Others have never though about it.  We have a compost pile in the corner of our garden but I’ve been wanting to do something different that would help it break down faster.  I found instructions for making your own compost bin out of a garbage can with lid, a drill, and some bungee cords.

    1. Drill holes in the sides and lid (the more air getting in the better)

    2. Fill with compostable materials

    3. Store in the sun

    4. Have your kids roll it around the yard every few days.

    For instructions with pictures Go Here

    Thank You to The Happy Housewife

    Published on January 26, 2011 · Filed under: Make Your Own; Tagged as:
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